Large Bedside Cabinets: Rustic Pine

Large Bedside Cabinets: Rustic Pine


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Tucked away in the charmingly rustic collection from Barker and Stonehouse, lies a pair of large bedside cabinets, each echoing the essence of pastoral beauty and storied practicality. Made from the heartiest solid pine wood, these drawers are a tribute to quality and time-honored design. Their robust structure, featuring a bowed shape to the front, offers a nod to a more quaint and characterful era of design, while providing ample storage for your nightly essentials. Measuring H69 x W51 x D46.5cm, they fit snugly by your bedside, serving both aesthetic and utilitarian purposes.

While their past life in a loving home has left them with a few light marks, these only add to their story, offering these drawers at our second-hand price of £145—a substantial saving from their original RRP when new. These marks of history don't diminish their charm but rather accentuate the lived-in, authentic feel that only true rustic pieces can provide.

Please note that while they stand complete in their own right, these bedside drawers are part of a larger symphony of matching items, including a double chest of drawers and a tall chest of drawers, each sold separately. Embrace this opportunity to curate your sleeping quarters with pieces that don't just whisper but sing tales of rustic life, all the while making an eco-friendly and budget-conscious choice.

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What are the dimensions and features of the large bedside cabinets?

Answer: The large bedside cabinets from Barker and Stonehouse measure H69 x W51 x D46.5 cm, making them a perfect fit for your bedside. Crafted from solid pine, these cabinets feature a robust structure with a charming bowed front, reflecting a rustic yet timeless design. They provide ample storage space for your nightly essentials while adding a touch of pastoral beauty to your bedroom. Available second-hand for £145 at, these cabinets combine quality craftsmanship with affordability. Visit our website to explore more about these elegant pieces.

How do the large bedside cabinets contribute to a rustic bedroom decor?

Answer: The large bedside cabinets contribute to a rustic bedroom decor by showcasing natural materials and traditional craftsmanship. Made from solid pine wood, these cabinets feature a classic bowed front and light marks from previous use, adding character and a lived-in feel. Their robust construction and timeless design make them a perfect addition to any rustic-themed bedroom. Priced at £145 at, these second-hand cabinets offer both aesthetic appeal and practical storage solutions. Visit our website to see how these charming pieces can enhance your bedroom decor.

Why should I consider buying large bedside cabinets second-hand?

Answer: Buying large bedside cabinets second-hand offers several advantages, including significant cost savings, sustainability, and unique character. These cabinets from Barker and Stonehouse, available at for £145, are crafted from solid pine and feature a rustic design with charming light marks that tell their history. Purchasing second-hand furniture reduces waste and supports eco-friendly practices. Additionally, the affordability of second-hand pieces allows you to acquire high-quality furniture at a fraction of the cost of new items. Visit our website to explore these benefits and find the perfect addition to your home.