French Farmhouse Double Wardrobe: Rustic Solid Oak by Oak FurnitureLand

French Farmhouse Double Wardrobe: Rustic Solid Oak by Oak FurnitureLand


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Step into the rustic charm of provincial France with our French Farmhouse Double Wardrobe from Oak FurnitureLand. This exquisite piece is a narrative of craftsmanship, constructed entirely from quality solid oak and adorned with traditional details like dovetail joints and tongue and groove paneling. These features are both practical and decorative, enhancing the base of the drawer and the back of the wardrobe. Designed to divide into two sections, this wardrobe ensures ease of transport and assembly in its new home, standing at H193 x W105 x D62 cm.

In good condition with minimal wear, our second-hand price is set at £345, offering a significant saving from the RRP of £849. This wardrobe isn't just a storage solution; it’s a style statement. Easily paired with matching items from the current range available at Oak FurnitureLand, it makes completing your bedroom's aesthetic with harmonious designs effortless.

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What are the key features of the French Farmhouse Double Wardrobe?

Answer: The French Farmhouse Double Wardrobe boasts a range of key features that combine both style and functionality. Crafted entirely from solid oak, this wardrobe showcases traditional details like dovetail joints and tongue and groove paneling, adding both strength and rustic charm. Its design allows it to be divided into two sections, making it easy to transport and assemble. At, you can purchase this high-quality piece at the pre-owned price of £345, a significant saving from its original price of £849. Visit our website to explore this elegant wardrobe and elevate your home’s décor with a touch of French provincial style.

How much can I save by buying a pre-owned French Farmhouse Double Wardrobe?

Answer: By choosing a pre-owned French Farmhouse Double Wardrobe, you can enjoy substantial savings. Originally priced at £849, this wardrobe is now available for just £345 at This means you save over £500, making it a cost-effective option without compromising on quality. Additionally, purchasing pre-owned furniture is an eco-friendly choice, contributing to sustainability. Explore our website to take advantage of these savings and find the perfect wardrobe for your home.

What are the benefits of buying a pre-owned French Farmhouse Double Wardrobe?

Answer: Buying a pre-owned French Farmhouse Double Wardrobe offers numerous benefits. Firstly, the cost savings are significant, with our current price at £345 compared to the new price of £849. Secondly, pre-owned furniture is often available immediately, avoiding the long wait times associated with new orders. Moreover, opting for pre-owned pieces is environmentally friendly, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. At, we ensure that our pre-owned furniture, like this solid oak wardrobe, is in excellent condition with minimal wear. Visit our website to discover more benefits and make an informed purchase.